With Artist Elle-Louise Burguez

Vermeer woman

Elle-Louise Burguez - Artist

Our hearts swell for humans like Elle-Louise Burguez; Aussie born artist, author and musician. Her vibrant, playful energy is contagious and spread through her various creative mediums. We recently had the pleasure of visiting her in her home Studio located on the Sunshine coast where we were transported to a world full of divine moments. You can see all of this in her works and her recent interview with us, as our next Vermeer Woman.
Photographed by Tané Meiring.
Where did you grow up and where do you now call home?

I grew up in Brisbane and every weekend visited our Buderim house on the Sunshine Coast to spend time at the beach. I now call home anywhere where I am with my partner as we haven't yet found our home just yet.

Your morning ritual?

Think loving thoughts, drink pure filtered water and either read my book in bed for a while, do some pilates or play piano before starting my day.

In what place are you happiest.

In the ocean.

Currently reading/ listening/ watching?

Currently reading a huge book named 'The Eighth Life' by Nino Haratischvili, listening to Kanye West's new album and Bona Vista Social Club and watching 'The Office' and 'Ancient Aliens'.

What are three things you would like to tell your younger self?

Elle, please be kinder to yourself and your family- as your heart will take years to heal the guilt.

Elle, choose to see the beauty and magic in life like you did as a small girl- and never stop.

Elle, swimming in the ocean and laughing is what makes you happiest- so just do that more bro!

As an artist what/who inspires you.

Right now- Joni Mitchell, Clairo and Jacquemus

Recently you went traveling, what inspires you most about your travels?

I think what inspires me most would have to be getting out of my comfort zone and opening up my mind to different ways of thinking. As well as viewing my life from a different perspective whilst being surrounded by new beautiful cultures and places. I always come home a changed girl.. and I always learn that love is all that matters.

Tell us about this piece/s you are working on at the moment.

I am working on my music for Elle Músa as well as a collection of colourful paintings inspired by my time living in Morocco and Spain.

Who has been the greatest mentor for you in your work.

My intuition and trusting soul as well as my partner who is always supporting whatever creative endeavour I choose to pursue and helping me find my confidence.

What do you think matter more for success; ambition or talent.

Both are equally important and I would like to add high self-worth and divine manifestion.

What is your biggest extravagance (ie: collecting / purchasing - wine, art, shoes, furniture)

I wish I could say that I collect lovely things for my home and self but if I am honest I spend most of my money on organic chocolate..

Your favourite Vermeer piece?

The Daphne necklace !