Founded in 2018, friends Tané Meiring and Gabriel Krestensen transformed their shared aspirations into reality, therein began Vermeer Studio, a distinct Australian jewellery brand nestled on the coast of South East QLD.

At the heart of Vermeer Studio lies a commitment to authenticity. Pieces designed with a personal touch, curating a collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that evolve organically, reflecting their values. Each piece is meticulously crafted in Australia, with a focus on made-to-order production to minimize waste and uphold a hands-on, deliberate approach.

Vermeer Studio resonates with a shared desire to create timeless and versatile pieces. The brand's ethos extends beyond jewelry; it embodies a lifestyle where creativity intertwines with the ebb and flow of daily life.


Tané Meiring and Gabriel Krestensen, the creative collaboration behind Vermeer Studio, share a friendship spanning 21 years. This lasting connection flourished into a remarkable creative partnership, their dynamic characterized by open and honest communication, mutual trust, and shared laughter. Inspired by their own mothers, who imparted the art of jewelry making, Tané and Gabriel are living a dream they continually pinch themselves to believe.

Vermeer Studio draws inspiration from the breathtaking Australian landscape, the allure of the ocean, and the grace of the hinterland. A shared love for exploration, coupled with the influence of their mothers, shapes their creative process. A glass of wine, each other's company, and a playful trial-and-error approach bring their designs to life, resulting in jewelry that encapsulates the essence of their creative spirit.


“We resonate with the desire to create timeless and versatile pieces”

Discover Vermeer Studio's allure, where craftsmanship and creativity converge. Immerse yourself in a world of handcrafted Australian jewelry, each piece a testament to the essence of elegance. Embrace the art of adornment and elevate your style with Vermeer Studio – a celebration of authenticity, sophistication, and the enduring beauty of creative collaboration.