Artist Jordana Henry photographed by Tane Meiring in her home studio tucked away on a peaceful property in Byron Bay. Were we viewed her most recent work and fell in love with her daughter Minty. 
Where did you grow up and where do you now call home?
I grew up in the city in Sydney... I have been living in the Byron Bay area for almost 10 years now and definitely call this home now.
Your morning ritual?
We have an outdoor shower on our property which is where my mornings usually begin, followed by coffee (always) and then the wrestle to get both myseld and my daughter ready and out the door in time.
In what place are you happiest.
There are many places that I am happiest but if I had to draw the ideal scenario it would probably have to be in my studio, uninterrupted, music or audio book playing, two beers deep with fresh painting supplies.  
Currently reading/ listening/ watching?
Reading- "Normal People" by Sally Rooney 
Watching- "Chefs Table"
Listening- Whatever playlists I have just been recommended or an audio book. 
What three things do you want Minty your daughter to know/learn in life. 
That Art is the foundation of everything we do.
The only person that you can truely rely on is yourself
That she is capable of reaching any goal with hard work and determination
As an artist what/who inspires you.
Inspiration is fleeting.... I am not sure you can pick what inspires you. 
Its more like a gift or something that whacks you in the face unwillingly. 
It isnt something I go looking for.. but I guess at the moment I am most interested in the female form and the thing that ties us all together as females.
Recently you had a break from painting, what sparked joy to create again?
I guess whenever I have had a solo show in the past I like to take a break afterwards to decompress and process the feedback from both myself and others... I guess making work is a vital part of my being and there is only a short amount of time you stop doing anything that is vital. 
Tell us about this piece you are working on at the moment.
I am confused about the work/ couple of works I am making at the moment.... there isnt much more to say. 
Who has been the greatest mentor for you in your work.
Anyone that has even given me their honest and most sincere opinion of my work.... I find it the most mentoring when someone can not only tell me what they feel about my work but also why they feel that way? 
What do you think matter more for success; ambition or talent.
I think they are all one thing... the same! They come hand in hand. 
What is your biggest extravagance?
I am terrible with self discipline... I am pretty impulsive so if I want to drink wine or buy art or furniture or whatever it might be then I just do.   
Your favourite Vermeer piece?
The Marguax Necklace in red paired with Anita Necklace for sure!